Shadow in the Reach

The Old Woods

Traveling from Old Town to Hell’s Mouth Port. Nikolaos the spice trader, Stavros, Dorian Ravenwood, Maria, Old Nan, Christy the kitchen hand, and 6 hired caravan guards lead by Sir Henry Buford set out. Nikolaos picked up his shipment of spices and Dorian, the new steward of Lady Abigail Forester and began the long journey thru the Old Woods.

While deep in the woods the caravan was ambushed by bandits and the party fled into the woods for cover. Christy died from an arrow to the neck and the party was lost and disoriented.

They came across a giant bloated corpse with large mushrooms coming out of it.

They made camp in a cave and found the giant Korgoth and befriended him with a show of peace involving jerky.

Sir Buford was going to be hanged but was saved by the Psychotic Woods.

Dorian headed to town taking Maria and the wounded caravan guard back to town to get reinforcements.

Nickolaos persuaded Korgoth to parley with the Eaters of The Dead to assist with attacking the bandit camp.

Dorian chose to ignore the 6 fleeing bandits and head to the camp with the town guards from Fletcher’s Roost.

Sir Buford broke the Bandit leaders leg turning out to be Sir Haggert of House Whitehill.

Sir Haggert was released after telling them that the Lannisters paid his men to assault all Forester caravans especially the spice trader’s supplies to make Lord Byron lose profit and favor during the King’s tourney. His freedom was purchased at the secret of the Lannister’s mines are going dry and the Forester’s mine is a deep rich untapped source of gold.


evilug820 Malnagrane

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