Shadow in the Reach

Westros 2099 Dystopian Patrick Hack
Epic Troll

Chapter 1 Desert Hobo

It’s the year 2099 and the Faceless army or droids have taken the Reach. It hasn’t been the same since “King Joffery” came into power. Dorian looks out and chuckles as he stares at the double suns of the east begin to rise. “Rebekah would kill me for what I’m about to do if she were still alive”. A knock at the door breaks his concentration as he takes a sip of the last blue milk in his glass. “Hmm, Maria is early? Well time to go topple this government asshole Joffery!”

The Old Road By The Sea


The party awakened in Fletcher’s Roost to find a man named Jack Finnly stealing from the pantry in the town hall. After being questioned, Jack disclosed that he was heading north to the Wall to “Take the Black”. He stated that a noble woman grew fond of his large stature, broad shoulders, and good looks. Soon after, a young lordling named Eugine Eubert, the son of wealthy land owner Edbert Eubert, came looking for him. Eugine pulled out his jewel encrusted dagger and tried to kill Jack, but he overpowered him and killed Eugine. Jack traded the dagger to Nikolaos for the provisions he took and soon departed.

Soon after, a band of mercenaries called The Red Claws led by expert swordsman Victius Delemar arrived in town. He stated they were looking for a man named Jack Finnly and requested to search the caravan. Nikolaos and Dorian Ravenwood chose to parley with the Red Claws and offered them information and the dagger that was traded. It was a gift from Edbert to his son. The two groups came to an agreement and chose to offer the dagger to Lord Byron Forester as a show of good will between the two lords. The Red Claws accompanied the caravan on the road.

On the road, they came across a farm house with an injured old man crawling out the front door. Under investigation, they found out the six bandits that escaped attacked the farm and killed his family; they were currently held up in his own barn. The old man was overtaken by his wounds and died as the party decided to assault the barn. Nikolaos sneaked around to the back of the barn. Just as he learned about Marshall Whitehill, Dorian conjured a demonic sound that echoed from the barn. The bandits tried escaping but were ambushed by Nikolaos. All were killed except one. Dorian called up charm magic to interrogate him, revealing that he was educated in the higher mysteries. It was revealed that Marshal Whitehill the Man at Arms for House Whitehill was suppose to meet the men at the Old Godstone on the Old Coast Road.

Dorian revealed to Maria and Old Nan of his use of the higher mysteries of magic. Maria was a little taken back by such things. Old Nan, however, was not shaken at all by this information.

The Caravan chose to go down the longer Old Coast Road instead of the shorter forest road. Along their journey, they came to the Old Godstone, a huge stone rock with carvings of an old sailor man and large serpent in the sea. Men from House Whitehill, enemies of House Forester, were disguised as travelers paying homage to the Godstone for good fortune during the fishing season with other villagers. Nikolaos used his trader background to parley with the men and a clever ruse was deployed to convince them to wine and dine with the caravan. The wine was laced with exotic opium from the spices being carried by the caravan. The Whitehill men were taken to be sold into slavery, and Marshal Whitehill, the leader of House Whitehill, was taken prisoner after his legs were crushed by Korgoth. Tribute was paid to the Godstone and a feast was had with local fisherman and there families at the stone.

Dorian had a strange dream that took him from the ocean to a small forest cabin where he was told by his dead sister Rebekah Ravenwood, “Don’t believe everything you see!” Dorian consulted Old Nan about his sister. She informed him that the Lord was engaged to Rebekah but found out that she lied about her noble heritage. An argument took place, soon after. A body was carried out in a sheet and dumped in the old Ravenwoods forest. Everyone was told that Rebekah had went back “home”. While Nikolaos found strange large scales on the beach, he gathered enough to fill a large sack.

Outside of the town they met an old man sun bathing and flagged the caravan down. He claimed to be a retired “Necromancer” from a far away land of shadows. His name was Heinrick Krimler and he was rather lost and sought passage to King’s Landing. He accompanied the group as they presented themselves to Lord Byron Forester. Upon the presentation of their deeds, Dorian was invited to attend small council meetings due to his intelligence and Maester training. Nikolaos was promoted to Master of Coin for his resourcefulness.

Dorian was met with a rather cold reception from Lady Abigail Forester but soon after, she grew a little less cold after being engaged in conversations until the early hours of the morning. Lady Abigail was fascinated by the tales Dorian and Old Nan shared with her. Meanwhile, Nikolaos was assaulted by Illeandra, the Captain of the Ship. They hashed out a misunderstanding involving opium. Three servants, a jar of the butter of peanuts, and a donkey later, Nikolaos escaped to quench his thirst and rest in the crow’s nest.

The Old Woods

Traveling from Old Town to Hell’s Mouth Port. Nikolaos the spice trader, Stavros, Dorian Ravenwood, Maria, Old Nan, Christy the kitchen hand, and 6 hired caravan guards lead by Sir Henry Buford set out. Nikolaos picked up his shipment of spices and Dorian, the new steward of Lady Abigail Forester and began the long journey thru the Old Woods.

While deep in the woods the caravan was ambushed by bandits and the party fled into the woods for cover. Christy died from an arrow to the neck and the party was lost and disoriented.

They came across a giant bloated corpse with large mushrooms coming out of it.

They made camp in a cave and found the giant Korgoth and befriended him with a show of peace involving jerky.

Sir Buford was going to be hanged but was saved by the Psychotic Woods.

Dorian headed to town taking Maria and the wounded caravan guard back to town to get reinforcements.

Nickolaos persuaded Korgoth to parley with the Eaters of The Dead to assist with attacking the bandit camp.

Dorian chose to ignore the 6 fleeing bandits and head to the camp with the town guards from Fletcher’s Roost.

Sir Buford broke the Bandit leaders leg turning out to be Sir Haggert of House Whitehill.

Sir Haggert was released after telling them that the Lannisters paid his men to assault all Forester caravans especially the spice trader’s supplies to make Lord Byron lose profit and favor during the King’s tourney. His freedom was purchased at the secret of the Lannister’s mines are going dry and the Forester’s mine is a deep rich untapped source of gold.

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